" The Man of Property" is the author's own description of Soames Forsyte, the " hero " of John Galsworthy's novel the " Forsyte Saga " and its sequels. The Forsyte family rose to affluence by virtue of a strong possessive instinct, and Soames Forsyte inherited more than his share of the family trait. Beneath a cold precise exterior he cherished an insatiable passion for possession, and thought of everything in terms of property, with the result that his life was a long series of disappointments. His first wife, an exceptionally beautiful woman, left him, his second wife came to hate him, and even his adored daughter Fleur did not return his affection as he desired. All with whom he came into contact resented Soames' attitude; and the material beauty, with which he surrounded himself always seemed to him tantalisingly elusive, unpossess-able. So that although he was wealthy, cultured,