Adam Wayne was " the Napoleon of Netting Hill." He is the hero of Mr. G. K. Chesterton's delightful novel of that name. It happened that a King ascended the throne of England who was a humorist, and immediately conceived the notion of turning the suburbs of London into mediaeval cities, making the Mayors and Aldermen parade in flaming robes accompanied by halberdiers. King Auberon did this as a joke, and the Mayors and Aldermen did not like the joke, but there was one man who took the joke seriously, and fought and died for his beloved Netting Hill. That man was Adam Wayne, and he represents the eternal earnestness in the heart of man, as King Auberon represents its eternal fun and frolic ; the two characters, indeed, being intended to symbolise the two lobes in the human brain. It is interesting to note that Wayne did not die until his heroic fanaticism had converted the whole of London, which previously had refused to take the King's joke seriously.