Colonel Newcome, great-hearted fellow that he was, stands for unworldliness and a philosophy magnificently unsuited to the facts of life as they are known to folk with more practical minds. You will meet the gallant colonel and his son in Thackeray's masterpiece, " The New-comes." They are great pals, these two, albeit Clive has often to smile at his father's naive opinions about men and books and morals. Alas! the end of dear, delightful Colonel Newcome is not a very happy end. For a time he enjoys much prosperity, and even stands for Parliament, but an unwise speculation brings his fortunes crashing to the ground, and in humbleness of spirit he becomes a pensioner at Grey Friars, where he dies of a broken heart, though he remains a sterling, loyal, and brave English gentleman to the last. " Adsum ! " says Colonel Newcome with his last breath, as though he were answering his name in the quadrangle of some celestial school specially designed for such as he-men who are men of the finest calibre, but who have yet never ceased to be boys at heart.