Panurge was the boon companion of Panta-gruel, in Rabelais' " Chronicles of Pantagruel," which is strong meat for babes, let me warn you, gentle reader ! I do not think that you and I would have got on so well with Panurge as did Pantagruel, for with all his joviality, wit and intelligence, he had a pimply face, and was a rare glutton and coward, while as to his drinking-not even the flamboyant heraldry of his bottle-nose could do justice to his capacity in that direction. Panurge decides that he shall marry, but before taking this drastic step he and Pantagruel wander over the earth to consult the Oracle of the Holy Bottle as to the advisability of the proceeding. The oracle replies with but one word, " Drink! " and with a right royal will Panurge accepts his destiny, putting all thought of marriage behind him. You will know, therefore, if you should hear a man described as a modern Panurge, that he is a fellow who prefers strong drink to matrimony.