He had a mighty paunch, had Sancho Panza, but rather less spirituality than a cockroach. He was squire to Don Quixote, and if you have not already read about him you may do so in the " History of the Renowned Don Quixote de la Mancha," by Cervantes. You will find him there riding upon his ass Dapple; full of practical worldly wisdom, conjuring up proverbs as though they were rabbits in a hat, and cracking jokes which the fastidious reader will certainly declare to be not in the most immaculate taste. An essential materialist, Sancho Panza's coarse wit and racy humour make an admirable foil to the scatter-brained notions of idealism and chivalry which are harboured by Don Quixote: while the adventures of the two are a sheer delight. When you hear the term " Sancho Panza " applied to some other person, you will know that it is meant to indicate a man whose ideas are a counterblast to all unworldly thoughts and ideals.