Dodd was a wild, wayward, and somewhat solitary musical genius, created by Miss Margaret Kennedy in her remarkable novel " The Constant Nymph." Although not singularly prepossessing in appearance, Dodd is nevertheless of the high, romantic type which excites the attention of women. By one of those strange ironies of fortune he became wedded to a typical English gentlewoman, cultured, conventional, and to the last degree practical; a woman suited by neither temperament nor upbringing to understand the detached moods of genius. Such a union could not but end in shipwreck, and finally Lewis goes off with Tessa, a child of the mountains, passionate, lawless, owning allegiance to neither God nor man save Lewis, yet of an elfin purity which was destined to remain inviolate to the end. She died on the day of her elopement. Lewis, bewildered by the cruel fate which had overtaken her, went back to his wife, like a man in a dream.