A great, coarse, red-faced country booby was Tony Lumpkin, yet a lout who was not so deeply immersed in the soil that he was unable to display considerable ingenuity in his practical jokes. Practical jokes were Tony's main pastime, and it is these which contribute in no small measure to the fun of Goldsmith's comedy " She Stoops to Conquer," in which play he enjoys his existence. The idea occurred to Tony to point out his stepfather's house as an inn, the result of which was that young Marlowe and Hastings went there under a complete misapprehension, and did not realise that they were making a mistake until Tony confessed his joke. It was Tony, too, who deluded his mother one night that he was taking her upon a long journey, when all the time he was driving her wildly round and round her own grounds. Tony was, indeed, a shameless young scapegrace, but for all that he finds his way into our affections, and we always look out specially for him when we go to see the play.