The title " Artful Dodger " is given to any cool customer who knows how to extricate himself from a difficult position, but in the original his name was John Dawkins, and he rose to fame in Charles Dickens' novel " Oliver Twist." John Dawkins was an adept at picking pockets, being employed by Fagin, the Jew, into whose den he was instrumental in introducing young Oliver. There came a day, however, when even the Artful Dodger's skill could not save him from the police court, but he did not lose his impudent young head as he stood facing his judges. Not a bit. He demanded to know what he was placed " in this 'ere disgraceful sitivation for." He bluffed and cheeked and threatened his accusers, saying that he would make a Parliamentary matter of it, and showing himself generally to be game to the last. " A fly one " was the Artful Dodger, " as dirty a juvenile as one could wish to see." But for all that he had about him the " airs and manners of a man."