A stout fellow was Brer Rabbit, for all his timid exterior! He has come to stand for the superiority of brains over brawn, and he is to be found in " Uncle Remus," by Joel Chandler Harris. Brother Rabbit was the favourite hero in the charming plantation tales told by Uncle Remus. His chief function in life was to defeat the arch-villain, Brer Fox, and this function he discharged faithfully time after time. Whenever Brother Fox appeared on the scene there was mischief in the offing, but there was no need to fear so long as Brer Rabbit had wind of what was a-foot. That was because good Brer Rabbit, although no match in strength for his adversary, had something in his upper storey which Brer Fox had not-brains! There were times, of course, when Brer Rabbit did not come off so well, and Brer Fox enjoyed his little hour of triumph, but then the race is not always to the swift, even in the plantations!