Honest Mark Tapley, chief hostler of the Blue Dragon, was a cheery fellow-cheery not only by nature, but by ambition as well. Mark Tapley is a character in " Martin Chuzzlewit," by Charles Dickens. It was on account of his strange ambition that he invited the visitations of misfortune so that he would be able to triumph over adversity, and " come out jolly with credit." Mark's capacity to " come out jolly " was put to its severest test when he accompanied Martin Chuzzlewit to a fraudulent earthly paradise in America called " Eden," but which was really a malarial and unspeakable swamp. The discomforts which overtook Mark in Eden were colossal enough to shatter the most heroic optimism, but Mark's sanguine temperament suffered no single defeat, and on returning to England he " came out jolly" with a vengeance, for he married buxom Mrs. Lupin, and thus became landlord of the famous Blue Dragon. Whenever anybody is referred to as a Mark Tapley, it means, therefore, that he refuses to become downcast by his difficulties.