You will read about this enchanting little song-maiden in Browning's dramatic poem "Pippa Passes." A silk-worker in the mills of Northern Italy, little Pippa has but one holiday in the year, and decides to make the most of it by pretending to be the four people in the town whom she fancies are most to be envied. When the great day dawns she rises and goes singing upon her way, and when evening comes and she lies down tired and happy in her bed she wonders whether any of the four people whom she has been imagining herself to be have been aware of her innocent little masquerade. As it happens, these four have all encountered the crises of their lives on that day, and to each one of them the inspiration of Pippa passing singing upon her way has been the means of rescuing them from an evil fate. Pippa, therefore, stands for the voice of conscience, and the triumph of youthful innocence and song over the sinister forces of evil which are forever threatening the world and darkening its joys. You have heard the sweet little song, " God's in His Heaven, All's right with the World " ? That is one of the songs Pippa sings as she passes.