Pooh-Bah was a very exalted person indeed in Gilbert and Sullivan's deliciously comic conception of far-off Japan, being one of the leading characters in that most enchanting of light operas " The Mikado." There was a Lord High Executioner who enjoyed a separate existence in this Japan, but every other office of Church and State was vested in Pooh-Bah, who described himself as Lord High Everything Else. If you bribed Pooh-Bah in one capacity it, was also necessary to bribe him in every other of his multifarious capacities, lest these powerful Ministers should feel their noses to be put out of joint; and so Pooh-Bah naturally did very well in the land. The attitude towards life of this many-sided dignitary is well expressed in his name, for he was supercilious to a degree. He has come to stand, indeed, for every tin-pot little bureaucratic official who pretends to be a very important and superior-minded person.