King Chaka, who flourished at the beginning of last century, has been described as the Nero of Africa, but, as a matter of fact, Nero was no match in cruelty for this savage old monarch. Nevertheless, King Chaka was distinctly a great man, for he trained his tribe in the military virtues with such ferocious efficiency that in a short time it sprang from nonentity to become the mighty Zulu nation, the dominant native power in the southern continent. Chaka sacrificed everything for military efficiency. Each warrior was armed with a short assegai, to lose which meant death. When a man was too old to fight he was promptly killed; while the return of an army after sustaining defeat would result in its being massacred to the last man. When Chaka's mother died the savage king ordered everybody in his kraal to wail continuously for days on end, any cessation, if even for a moment, resulting in the defaulter being promptly butchered.