Prometheus, one of the Titans, or elder gods, gave great offence to his compeers of the Upper World by stealing fire from Heaven, where it was a zealously guarded secret, and bestowing it upon the sons of men. For his offence, Zeus, or Jupiter, the King of Heaven, caused him to be bound to a mighty mountain, where a vulture was instructed to eat out his liver and the furies to rage around his head. He was eventually rescued from his fate by Hercules. Prometheus is the first great legendary benefactor of the human race, for the fire which he gave to mortals enabled mankind to fashion instruments which would till the earth; and, indeed, the whole industrial world of to-day may be said to date from his gift, since what thing could we make without fire? Prometheus was a favourite character of the old Greek dramatists, and the fable is one which has inspired much subsequent poetry, but perhaps the best-known work of all is Shelley's astonishingly fine poem " Prometheus Unbound."