Don Juan-there's a name to cause a flutter of indignation in respectable households! And rightly so, for he was a wicked fellow, a prince of libertines who has given his name to all young men who love lightly and go their way. You will read the different legends about Don Juan in dozens of plays and poems and operas, but the account with which you are likely to be familiar is that contained in Byron's famous poem. There is some evidence, however, to show that Don Juan actually lived, in the guise of Don Juan Tenorio, a member of an illustrious family of Seville, which nourished in the fourteenth century. This Don Juan killed the father of one of his sweethearts. A statue of the murdered man was placed above his tomb in the convent of St. Francis, and destroyed by an incendiary. The monks, suspecting the Don, thereupon lured him to their convent and killed him. However this may be, whenever you hear a man described as a Don Juan you will know that they are speaking no good of him.