Peeping Tom is an example of the childhood dictum-" Curiosity killed the cat." When Lady Godiva took her husband at his word and rode naked through the streets of Coventry in order to make him remit a tax which oppressed the poor people of the town, orders were given that all the citizens were to remain at home behind closed doors and windows. Here let the poet take up the tale. " Then she rode back clothed on with chastity, And one low churl, compact of thankless earth, The fatal byword of all years to come, Boring a little augur-hole in fear, Peeped-but his eyes, before they had their will, Were shrivelled into darkness in his head, And dropt before him." That churl, need I tell you, was Peeping Tom. So let us, one and all, place a curb upon our illegitimate curiosity, lest we, too, should be struck blind for our sin.