Dr. Jekyll was an extremely kind and amiable gentleman. Mr. Hyde was a vile and loathsome monstrosity. Yet these two persons were one and the same man! You have heard of dual personality? Well, it is exemplified in R. L. Stevenson's fine story entitled " Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." Dr. Jekyll, an eminent physician, discovers how to separate his good and his evil selves, and to the latter is given the name Mr. Hyde. Whenever he tires of virtue, the physician switches over and becomes Mr. Hyde, a distinct physical entity, until his evil personality gains such power that he can no longer be transferred back again. In the end, Mr. Hyde, his horrible and ape-like personality, commits murder, and it is in vain that the soul of Dr. Jekyll cries out frantically from the lips of Hyde. There is a moral for all of us in this story, but that each one can best discover for himself.