Becky Sharp was a famous little lady, whose acquaintance is to be made in Thackeray's " Vanity Fair." Although attractive and vivacious, Becky, it is to be feared, was utterly without conscience, or moral principle of any kind. She was a past-master in the art of coaxing money out of men, and was the cause of the ruin of full many a tradesman who had been cajoled into trusting her, no less than of the ruin of men of wealth and position. An adroit wangler, Becky so contrived matters that she was presented at Court, and mixed with the highest society, entering into all kinds of intrigues and leaving disaster in her wake wherever she went. In the end she lapsed into apparent respectability, but, for all that, her son refused to have anything to do with her-perhaps the one real regret in Becky's life. Becky is now one of the immortals of fiction, but if you meet her like in real life-beware!