" Chops and tomato sauce " do not suggest^ declaration of love, nor is a warming-pan generally taken to be a symbol of loving regard; but so cunning was the tongue of Serjeant Buzfuz, the counsel engaged by Mrs. Bardell in her action for breach of promise against Samuel Pickwick, that he bluffed twelve good men and true into accepting these innocent words as a proposal of marriage. Buzfuz was one of those rascally lawyers who take up ridiculous cases for the sake of the costs involved. With diabolical cleverness he made sure beforehand of getting his fees whatever the result of the lawsuit might be. He browbeat witnesses insolently, and bullied most of them into nervous panic and bewilderment; but upon Sam Weller he plied his wits in vain, for Sam's native shrewdness was more than a match for the serjeant's methods of cross-examination. When faced with such an unscrupulous creature as Buzfuz, whether inside or outside the courts of law, the only effective defence is a cool determination to be neither flurried nor infuriated, which was the method adopted by the inimitable Sam in " Pickwick Papers."