Scheherazade was the famous lady who saved her neck by her ability to tell a good story. The wife of the Sultan Schahriah of Persia being unfaithful to him, that august monarch decided that no woman was virtuous, whereupon he resolved to marry a fresh wife every evening and strangle her when the first rays of dawn appeared in the sky. Several wives shared this fate, but Scheherazade, daughter of the vizier, when she married the Sultan, managed to begin a story every morning just before sunrise, and to break it off in the middle when the dawn came, so that the Sultan had to wait until the next morning to hear its end, when the inventive young lady would engage his interest in a further tale. This went on for a thousand and one nights, when the Sultan allowed his young wife to live in peace as a reward for her ingenuity, and found her to be a faithful and joyous spouse. The stories that Scheherazade told are called " Arabian Nights Entertainment."