He was only a very little man was Dr. Keat, but that was but small consolation for the boys of Eton College, for he had a terribly strong right arm and an extremely constant enthusiasm for keeping it exercised. Dr. Keat, in short, was a flogging headmaster-perhaps, indeed, the most indefatigable flogger in all the annals of school history. He is said to have been essentially a kind-hearted man, but his kindness of heart was not the most apparent quality when the opportunity of chastisement presented itself- which it did very often. He was so keen and indiscriminate a flogger that he once seized hold of a party of boys sent to him to be prepared for confirmation, and flogged them thoroughly before inquiring the pretext of their visit! It is also recorded of him that he flogged no less than eighty boys during the space of a single summer's afternoon. For all that, he restored the authority of the Eton masters, and is spoken of without malice in the memoirs of those who suffered beneath the scourgings of his rod, so perhaps he was not so bad a fellow after all.