Bored by her marriage to a man with whom she had nothing in common, Emma Bovary sought a means of escape in two intrigues, which only served to increase her misery. Untrained to find pleasure and satisfaction in life within the domain of her own soul, this pitiable woman hoped to achieve a measure of happiness by wildly indulging her desires for self-gratification. She found all things in the world to be dull because she had not the capacity to realise that all things in the world are dull when they are looked upon without spirituality or vision. Madame Bovary's quest for happiness in objective amusements brought her only anguish and disaster. Her lovers tired; she herself plunged recklessly into debt, and destroyed herself when these same lovers refused to meet her liabilities, her husband dying of a broken heart. This unfortunate woman is the chief character of Gustave Flaubert's superb book " Madame Bovary," said by several critics to be the greatest novel ever written. Whether this be so or not, the character of Emma is drawn with a skill that leaves one breathless and wondering.