Gabrielle had romantic ideas about marriage. She would have been wedded to a hero, but found herself wife of an honest lawyer, Julien Chabriere, who wore no heroic halo, but simply contented himself with being a good husband and a good father. Foolish Gabrielle ! These qualities did not suffice. She wanted romance, and thought she would find it in one, Stephen, her husband's secretary. Julien came upon the two before they had time to act foolishly, and pleaded with his wife to keep her honour stainless, to take thought for their child, and to restore to him her love. For the first time in her life Gabrielle saw her husband as he really was, a kind-hearted, frank and generous lover, instinct with all the heroic qualities which she so eagerly sought. Dismissing the cowardly Stephen, who had shown up badly in contrast with the manly, downright Julien, Gabrielle promptly returned to her husband's arms. The play " Gabrielle," by Emile Angier, took audiences by storm when it appeared in the middle of the last century : surprising and delighting them by the fact that it reversed the French tradition of the discomfiture of the husband and the exalting of the other man.