John Buncle married no less than seven wives and buried the lot. That is no mean record, and may call forth a comparison with Bluebeard, but John Buncle himself was in no sense a murderer of wives. They all died through circumstances which he was unable to control; no sooner had one gone the way of all flesh than he would stumble upon another, amazingly beautiful and full of profound intellect, only to attend her funeral in the same chapter. These good wives brought a fortune to John Buncle, Esq., but the vivacious gentleman gambled it away in the space of a single evening. And not only was he indefatigable as a gambler and marrying man ; but he could drink the clock round, and once did so, consuming so much wine that the perspiration which came from him was coloured red ! An amiable fellow was John Buncle, whose acquaintance you may make in Amory's novel " Life of John Buncle, Esq.," published in 1766.