Macphairson Clonglocketty Angus McClan, to give him his full name, is the hero or the villain (it all depends upon your point of view) of one of W. S. Gilbert's satirical and amusing Bab Ballads. Mr. M. C. A. McClan was a skilful and tireless performer upon that weird and wonderful instrument the bag-pipes. The maidens delighted to listen to his playing, especially Ellen McJones Aberdeen. All admired his musical gifts save one, Pattison Corby Torbay, a Sassenach brute who groaned at the sound of the pibroch, and begged Angus either to cease from playing or else to play " something resembling an air." For a year, seven months and a fortnight Angus practised hard, and at last evolved something, wild and jerky, it is true, but with a distinct resemblance to an air. But was Mr. P. C. Torbay grateful ? Alas, no ! He was roused to greater fury than ever. With one stroke of his claymore he cleft the bag-pipe player in twain. The maidens wept, especially Ellen McJones Aberdeen, but such is the fickle heart of woman that she soon dried her tears, and consoled herself in the arms of Pattison Corby Torbay.