Daniel Deronda was George Eliot's conception of an ideal young man, though we of the modern world would indubitably have wanted to kick him, had we met him in the flesh. You had only to look at him, according to his authoress, to realise the nobility of man's strivings in the past, and his immortal destiny in the days to come, but we are not likely to acquire assurance from such a meditation. Master Deronda was so exquisite a fellow, luxuriated in such a hyper-sensitive temperament, that he was fitted more for a hot-house than for the wind and rain of life. He shrank from the rough usages of the world to an extent that was effeminate to a degree, and indeed the whole character bears the suggestion of an appalling effeminacy. All the women in George Eliot's novel " Daniel Deronda" bowed the knee to this idol, but actually the type is abhorrent to women. Needless to say, so immaculate a hero was destined for startling heroisms, and little Daniel accordingly fished a Jewess out of the river, married her, and then discovered that he himself was a Jew. This very virile race, however, will not have any great pleasure in claiming him.