The judges of Charles II.'s reign were notorious for their ferocity and cruelty. The most cruel and most hated of them all was Jefferies, " The Hanging Judge," who served John Bunyan as the prototype of the character of Lord Hategood, in his " Pilgrim's Progress." The district where Lord Hategood exercised his jurisdiction was the City of Vanity Fair, which lay on the road to the Celestial City, and had been built by Beelzebub and Apollyon to snare Christian pilgrims. All worldly delight might be bought in the great pleasure city. Its merchants trafficked in titles, countries, kingdoms, houses, lands, flesh and blood, bodies and souls, silver, gold and pearls. Christian and Faithful denounced these vain delights, causing great offence to the citizens thereby. They were arrested and arraigned before the unjust judge, who condemned Faithful to be burnt at the stake on the grounds that he had disturbed the public peace and endangered the commerce of the town. The harsh words which Bunyan put into Hategood's mouth were taken almost verbatim from the reports of an actual trial.