Chapter 1. Introduction


The City Beautiful--By Anne Warwick Notre-Dame--By Victor Hugo The Louvre--By Grant Allen The Madeline and Champs Elysees--By Nathaniel Hawthorne The Hotel des Invalides and Napoleon's Tomb--By Augustus J. C. Hare The Palais de Justice and Sainte Chapelle--By Grant Allen The Hotel de Ville and the Conciergerie--By Augustus J. C. Hare Pere la Chaise--By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow The Musee de Cluny--By Grant Allen The Place de la Bastille--By Augustus J. C. Hare The Pantheon and St. Etienne du Mont--By Grant Allen St. Roch--By Augustus J. C. Hare

II--The Environs of Paris

Versailles--By William Makepeace Thackeray Versailles in 1739--By Thomas Gray Fontainebleau--By Augustus J. C. Hare St. Denis--By Grant Allen Marly-Le-Roi--By Augustus J. C. Hare The Village of Auteuil--By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow The Two Trianons--By Augustus J. C. Hare Malmaison--By Augustus J. C. Hare St. Germain--By Leitch Ritchie St. Cloud--By Augustus J. C. Hare

III--Old Provence

The Papal Palace at Avignon--By Charles Dickens The Building of the Great Palace--By Thomas Okey The Walls of Avignon--By Thomas Okey Villeneuve and the Broken Bridge--By Thomas Okey Orange--By Henry James Vaucluse--By Bayard Taylor The Pont du Guard,--Aigues-Mortes--Nimes--By Henry James Arles and Les Baux--By Henry James

IV--Cathedrals and Chateaux

Amiens--By Nathaniel Hawthorne Rouen--By Thomas Frognall Dibdin Chartres--By Epiphanius Wilson Rheims--By Epiphanius Wilson

(_Cathedrals and Chateaux continued in Vol. IV_)

List of Illustrations

Volume III

Frontispiece Paris: The Seine and Bridges

Notre Dame, Paris Portion of the Louvre, Paris Church of the Madeleine, Paris Napoleon's Sarcophagus, Paris The Burial Place of Napoleon, Paris Column and Place Vendome, Paris Column of July, Paris The Pantheon, Paris The House of the Chamber of Deputies, Paris The Bourse, Paris Interior of the Grand Opera House, Paris Front of the Grand Opera House, Paris The Arc de Triomphe, Paris Arch Erected by Napoleon Near the Louvre, Paris The Church of St. Vincent de Paul, Paris The Church of St. Sulpice, Paris The Picture Gallery of Versailles The Bed-Room of Louis XIV., Versailles The Grand Trianon at Versailles The Little Trianon at Versailles The Bed-Room of Catherine de Medici at Chaumont Marie Antoinette's Dairy at Versailles Tours Saint Denis Havre The Bridge at St. Cloud